Laminate Flooring

A laminate floor is a composite product made up of several layers fused together. The top layer is a transparent wear layer that protects the floor from scratches and liquids, then a decorative 3D photographic layer that reproduces the authentic product, the middle core is the thickest layer and is made of high density fibreboard (HDF), and lastly the base of the floor is sealed with a melamine resin layer which adds stability and moisture resistance.

Any tips or hints?

Day to day cleaning would need to be a light mop, nothing more than a wet wipe consistently.

When measuring you should allow for a 10% increase on the wood for waste purposes.

For any solid wood installation you need to have material acclimated to the temperature of the house for at least 10 days prior to fitting:

Think about your final finished floor, do you choose beading to cover the expansion gap or remove the skirting and replace with existing or new after the wood is fitted.

Things to keep in mind when considering the Laminate floor option:

  1. Where is it going? High traffic areas like entrance halls and kitchens may need hard wearing layers – like those with an aluminium oxide added to them for extra durability. Different areas like bathrooms may need specific underlay to deal with extra moisture.
  2. Don’t forget the underlay! Not all underlay is the same quality – the best products will offer good sound absorption and help smooth out imperfections in your subfloor. Scott Underwood Flooring Specialist only use the best quality underlay.