Safety Flooring

Scott Underwood Flooring understand the importance of a safe working environment. The safety flooring brands we supply are extremely hard wearing, non-slip, easy to clean and anti-bacterial. Safety flooring is ideal for, but not limited to, nurseries, hospitals, universities, leisure facilities, kitchens, toilets, schools and the retail and care home sectors.

Why Safety Flooring?

  1. Protecting your workforce. Do your premises contain areas where employees may slip or trip? If so, it’s important to fit safety flooring as soon as possible in order to protect your staff.
  2. Improving staff morale. If your employees have to carry out dangerous work on ordinary flooring, they will have to exercise constant vigilance just to avoid accidents. This can be exhausting and can affect their ability and willingness to work.
  3. Improving your public image. Clients are more likely to trust your business if it takes appropriate safety precautions. Installing safety flooring shows that you are committed to preserving the safety of your staff and customers.

Hints and tips?

Safety flooring comes in 2 metre rolls, all joins are hot welded to secure the right finish.

Always strip any floor back to its original state before applying new products.

Different coloured mastics can match any safety flooring. White and clear being most popular.